Alliance Clinical Services

Welcome! Alliance Clinical Services is a state-licensed outpatient clinic, specializing in:

Mental Health
Substance Abuse Treatment
Domestic Violence
Sexual Issues / Sexual Abuse

Alliance Clinical Services (ACS) is proud to offer counseling services for all of Utah County in our American Fork office. ACS has been operating and providing valuable services since 2005. We believe in and follow a team approach to therapy; both with Program Directors within ACS, as well as an ongoing outreach commitment to other services in the community. We have contracts associated with DCFS, DJJS, DWS, and CVR, as well as most insurance companies, and we offer a sliding scale for those who qualify.

ACS promotes family unity while encouraging personal growth. Our therapeutic approach is based on accountability, healthy boundaries, self-worth, empathy, healing and hope. We offer the following state-approved treatment:

• Domestic violence treatment (adult perpetrators)
• Trauma therapy for victims of abuse (adult and youth)
• Substance abuse counseling & rehabilitation services (adults and youth), including random drug and alcohol screenings, GOP and IOP, as well as lower levels of therapy
• Outpatient sexual abuse services (NOJOS I & II, along with adults/DOC)
• Mental health counseling (adults and youth, including JJS / in-custody youth)
• Couples, marital and family counseling services
• Anger management psycho-educational course
• Anti-Theft / MRT / impulse management class (levels one and two)
• Parenting class specifically designed for parents involved in DV and/or child abuse
• PRI Prime for Life alcohol and drug education class for first-time DUIs and other early intervention programming
• Evaluation/Assessment for drug and alcohol abuse, as well as sex offenders (SBRA)
• Random drug and alcohol testing

We offer counseling services for adults, adolescents, families and couples. Our clients participate in treatment programming during the day and the evening, including individual sessions and group therapy.

Alliance Clinical Services also offers court-mandated for individuals, such as anger management, theft/MRT, thinking errors and Prime For Life (DUI education) classes.

Our unique focus on cognitive therapy sets us apart from other programs and complements our relaxing and empowering environment.

At Alliance Clinical Services, clients receive highly personalized care, tailored to their needs and histories.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like more information on our services.