ACS offers multiple levels of treatment provided by licensed therapists, from intensive outpatient and general outpatient services to short-term educational classes, including various group therapy sessions and psycho-educational classes usually offered on a weekly basis.

Anger Management
Our anger management program is a comprehensive accountability-based eight-week program providing information and skill development on the time-out process, communication skills, and problem solving. The course is an early intervention program (EIP) designed for adults who have used abuse, anger, aggression, violence or other power and control tactics to resolve problems. ACS believes that anger is never a good excuse for bad behavior. The anger management programming encourages accountability, healthy boundaries, self-worth, empathy, healing and hope.

The CHOICES treatment program at ACS is an EIP (early intervention program) designed for at-risk adult and adolescent populations, typically to run two to six months, and is primarily in a psycho-educational format to meet the needs of those individuals struggling to make appropriate decisions related to personal boundaries and sexual appropriateness. The CHOICES program encourages accountability, consent, character building, self-worth, healing and hope, core values, empathy and sexual responsibility. The duration of programming depends on the recommendations contained within the SBRA or Psycho-sexual Evaluation, along with treatment team recommendations, intake therapist, probation officer, as well as the progress of the client.

Domestic Violence Processing Group
ACS provides state-certified domestic violence treatment services, including evaluation, case management, processing group sessions, individual counseling, and psycho-educational classes. Domestic Violence treatment ranges from 16 to 52 week programs, depending on client need and requirements from the referring court or agency. Anyone referred for any form of a domestic violence conviction must participate in a minimum of twelve sessions before they begin couples counseling.

Drug & Alcohol Processing Group
All Substance Abuse Programs offer a combination of individual sessions with a licensed therapist, processing groups and psycho educational group sessions. They are led by licensed therapists and social workers. Additionally, all substance abuse clientele are randomly tested for both alcohol and drugs on a regular basis.

Marriage, Couples, and Family
Licensed therapists at ACS are dedicated to assisting couples and families. Therapists are able to help families and couples set healthy and appropriate boundaries; establish healthy communication strategies; address personal issues in a safe and healthy environment; etc. Additionally, ACS strives to assist divorced families in making a smooth transition and establishing healthy routines, communication strategies, and boundaries for their families.

Mental Health
Licensed therapists at ACS are dedicated to helping individuals identify, process, and resolve circumstantial and ongoing issues related to mental health. The Mental Health (MH) Treatment Program is designed for those who have struggled, or who are currently struggling with various degrees of mental illness. These individuals may have been diagnosed with a specific mental disorder, have experienced trauma or have noticed that their emotional state has negatively impacted their lives, or the lives of others. This MH program encourages wellness, healthy coping strategies, accountability, assertive boundaries, self-worth, empathy, healing and hope, as well as physical, emotional and social wellbeing. Some examples of issues include: depression and anxiety; situational stress; Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD); Attention-Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD); unhealthy self image; etc.

MRT / Theft / Impulse Management
Our MRT/Theft/Impulse Management class is a four-hour psycho educational class addressing such concepts as impulsive thinking and utilizing “Stop and Think,” acting with integrity, rather than reacting to the situation, focusing on the long term effect of actions, rather than the short term gratification, etc.

NOJOS Parenting Group
Alliance is offering a new group for parents of children in NOJOS treatment. It is a therapy group to help these parents navigate through their feelings and experiences and find support in coming together with others who are having similar experiences.

Parenting / Co-Parenting Classes
Our parenting class addresses both the needs of the children and the parents to work towards an effective change for the family. Concepts presented include: effective communications, respect for boundaries, disciplining, stages of development, etc.

PRI Prime For Life / DUI Educational Series
ACS is an approved provider for the state mandated DUI educational series, Prime for Life. It is a 16-hour, four session program that provides basic drug and alcohol education while informing clients about risks of driving while impaired or intoxicated. This is also a great program for youth struggling with drug and alcohol experimentation.

Relapse Prevention Seminar

Sexual Issues / Sex Offender Services
ACS offers Department of Corrections (DOC) and Network on Juveniles Offending Sexually (NOJOS) approved services for sexual offenses. Services range from CHOICES (an eight week sexual education/boundaries program) to intensive outpatient treatment for adults and juveniles. Alliance is offering a new group for parents of children in NOJOS treatment. It is a therapy group to help these parents navigate through their feelings and experiences and find support in coming together with others who are having similar experiences.

Smoking Cessation

Thinking Errors
The Thinking Errors program is designed for those struggling to make appropriate and legal decisions. This program encourages accountability, rational thinking, empathy and relapse prevention through character building, self-worth, healing and hope, core values, and personal responsibility through honesty and healthy interpersonal boundaries.

Victim Services
ACS licensed therapists are trained in counseling with victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, and other forms of abuse. Victim treatment focuses on understanding and coping with post traumatic stress disorder, self-concept after offense, allowing yourself time to heal, and other individually based goals as needed by the client.

Women’s Empowerment Group
At Alliance Clinical Services, we believe that domestic violence effects everyone involved. Sometimes the path to healing can be confusing, overwhelming and lonely. We will find strength in each other and stop the cycle of abuse in our families. We will be empowered to dream again and find the joy that we deserve. We are survivors, not victims of our past. Join us in our journey as we draw from your strength and share in your path toward self discovery. Please join us as we find strength in ourselves, assurance from our peers and hope in healing. Our confidential therapeutic processing group is designed to provide educational tools that will help you: cope with stress, identify root emotions, create relationships of equality, establish assertive boundaries, and find peace within yourself