Alliance Clinical Services

In addition to treating various forms of abuse and addiction, ACS offers private counseling for individuals, couples, and families for any issue. For example, we can help you overcome depression, anxiety, phobias, and relationship problems. The ACS therapists will help you find balance, overcome obstacles to your success, and generally help you discover joy in your life..

Individual Therapy
Too many obligations, stressful jobs and family lives, and past traumas can interfere with our happiness. Therapy can help you find balance, reduce stress, adapt to change, and move forward to find peace. Our therapists are skilled at helping clients recover from past experiences, process current thoughts and emotions, and change behaviors and maladaptive thought patterns.

Couples Counseling
Many couples hit rough patches in their relationships. Counseling helps couples improve communication, strengthen trust, and restore intimacy. Therapists at True North help couples face current relationship problems, address underlying causes of dissatisfaction, and change negative patterns which threaten the relationship.

Family Therapy
Family dynamics can sometimes create tension and foster resentment. We’ll help your family recognizes and understand these dynamics. Then, we’ll work with your family to change the negative patterns and restore peace in your home.